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Empty Truck


Moving large items out of a building can be tough without the help of a professional. U-Bookit Moving & Delivery can step in and help with hauls of any size. We use special equipment and techniques to move items quickly and safely. 

Our hauling services make it easy to get rid of unwanted items. Whether you’re tossing out an old table set or boxes from the garage, we can fit them into our truck. If necessary, we can even make multiple trips. We’ll take items to the landfill, but we can also take large amounts of recyclables like plastic bottles or cardboard. 

We always arrive on time and provide friendly, helpful service. Once you point out the items you want to move, we’ll get right to work loading them onto our truck. Depending on the item, we can drop it off at the landfill, recycle it, or drop it off for use as scrap metal. 

We can also help move heavy items into your home. When you buy a new bed or dresser, for example, a mover from our team can help you get it situated in your home. 

Get in touch today to make an appointment for hauling in the Omaha, NE area. We can move large, heavy items at an affordable price!

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